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Securing copyright protection is vital for individuals, creators, and producers of original content. It bestows exclusive rights and ownership, effectively preventing unauthorized usage, copying, piracy, and distribution of your intellectual property. When you've poured your creativity into a project, it's imperative to shield your intellectual property from unauthorized exploitation by others.

Copyright safeguarding is indispensable for the preservation of your intellectual property, spanning literary creations, visual arts, compositions, software, or documentaries. By registering your copyright, you establish unequivocal ownership of your work and fortify your future entitlements. This encompasses the capacity to take legal measures against copyright infringement and unapproved utilization by individuals or entities.

What Does Copyright Protect?

  • Books

  • Songs

  • Photos

  • Art

  • Films

  • And Other Tangible Creative Works

Our Copyright Registration Services


$ 99


  • Professional Preparation
    of your federal copyright application including a review by the copyright team for accuracy, completeness and common mistakes
  • Federal E-Filing
    Electronic filing of your application with the USPTO with no need to wait for mail or dealing with paper files
  • Certificate of Registration that
    will be mailed to you directly from the U.S. Copyright Office.


$ 149


  • Cease & Desist Letter
    A customer-specific form you can further customize if someone is infringing on your copyright. Avoid wasting time and money
  • Transfer/Assignment
    Custom assignment template. If you need to sell or otherwise convey your copyright, you have access to your pre-filled in template that you can further customize
  • 24-hour Expedited Process
    of the preparation of your copyright application. Normal processing time is 5 business days in our Basic package

Our Copyright Registration Pricing

Cease & Desist Letter

Normally, the process of completing share transfers takes around two to three days. During this time, the necessary documents are prepared and signed by the relevant parties. The transfer becomes official once it is recorded in the company's records. However, if Stamp Duty is applicable to the transfer, the timelines may be extended. Following the transfer, a confirmation statement may be provided to promptly reflect the transfer on the public record, although it is not mandatory.

Copyright Assignment Agreement

If you need to sell or transfer your copyright, we provide a ready-made template designed for this purpose. In this transaction, you, as the copyright seller, are referred to as the assignor, while the buyer takes on the role of the assignee. This form is fully adaptable to meet your specific requirements and business preferences.

Copyright Registration FAQs

Copyright registration is a legal process to officially document and protect your original creative works, such as books, music, and art.

No, copyright protection automatically applies when you create original content. However, registration offers additional legal benefits.

The cost varies, but as of my last update in 2021, it typically ranges from $35 to $55 for online registration.

Copyright protection usually lasts for the creator's lifetime plus 70 years.

Yes, websites and software code can be copyrighted as long as they contain original creative elements.

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